Welcome & Guidelines

Welcome to the Eastern Shore Writers Association’s official blog. This blog has been established to create a news vehicle where members may share ideas and information with the larger literary world. In that spirit, whether published or just starting out, feel free to share your news, accomplishments, appearances, and events. To submit content for publication, please contact either Jerry Sweeney at sweeneygf@aol.com or Michelle Sebly at bramblerose36@gmail.com. We reserve the right to edit content for appropriateness.

When commenting on a post, we humbly ask that you observe the following rules of etiquette:

• please limit your comments to the topics stated above.

• Please be judicious about over-selling, promoting or otherwise marketing yourself or your material in your comments. Announcements of new work and news of public appearances are welcome.

• When conversing with one another via comments,  we ask that you treat one another with the same respect you would in a face to face conversation. Agree to disagree when necessary, rather than engaging in a public argument. Any public argument will be respectfully deleted from the blog comments with a private email message sent to the offending parties offering explanation of the deletion.

Again, welcome to the Eastern Shore Writers’ Association official blog, and thank you for participating!


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